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If you've been charged with a violent crime, you want to know that your attorney is capable, aggressive, and focused on your needs as a client.

Fighting charges of a violent crime can be overwhelming and intimidating for you and your family, especially in the state of California where the laws are harsh and the penalties heavy. Your future deserves the best counsel possible—consult our skilled criminal defense lawyers in San Francisco.

Sam Amin has represented clients in various criminal matters since the beginning of his career as an intern in the Solano County Office of Public Defenders. His experience - along with a team of other professionals at the firm - makes him a formidable opponent and trustworthy ally. To best serve clients as quickly as possible, Attorney Amin offers free, one-on-one case consultations.

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Common Violent Crimes

Violent crimes can range from simply acting with aggression towards another person to crimes causing great harm. Regardless of the severity of the crime, the consequences may be crippling.

AMIN LAW, P.C. is capable of handling the following variety of cases:

A vigorous defense is needed when facing these charges. To establish guilt, the prosecution must demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that the evidence held against you is factual. That is where our San Francisco violent crime lawyer comes in. He can craft a strong strategy that attacks the prosecution's case against you.

Aggressively Defending Violent Crimes in San Francisco

Due to public pressure to solve violent crimes as quickly as possible, police detectives may rush their investigation to get someone behind bars.

Sometimes shaky evidence is accepted from untrustworthy witnesses to move the case along and get to the next one. By following up on leads and witnesses that may have been missed during the initial investigation, Attorney Amin can work to verify that any information brought before the court concerning your case is accurate and admissible.

Common defenses for violent crimes include the following:

  • Reasonable Doubt: Evidence must allow the judge or jury to rule with moral certainty that the defendant is guilty. If police error was involved in the investigation, Attorney Amin could bring that to light.
  • Police Misconduct: Excessive force, illegal search, and seizure, false statements, coercing admission, and racial profiling are all examples of police misconduct. If this was the case, the court has a duty to hold law enforcement responsible for their misconduct.
  • Self-Defense: If the defendant pleads guilty, a sentence may be lightened or acquitted if the defendant acted out of reasonable self-defense.

Amin Law can guide you through the processes following a violent crimes charge and help you protect your name. By focusing on your needs and circumstances, the attorneys at Amin Law can tailor a defense suited to your situation and will fight for the best possible outcome in your case. Trust us to advocate on your behalf.

California's Three-Strikes Sentencing Law & Violent Crimes

In 1994, California's Three Strikes Sentencing Law was enacted. This law essentially required any defendant who is convicted of a new felony to be sentenced to state prison for twice the term otherwise provided for the crime when they get a "third strike" on their record. This means they must have had two previous convictions, or strikes.

If the new conviction is the third for the defendant, the law used to mandate a state prison term of 25 years to life. In 2012, this law was amended, opening the door for any defendants then currently serving a third strike sentence to petition for a reduction of their term to a second strike sentence.

While the penalties for a third strike may not apply anymore, violent crime offenses still carry heavy penalties and can tarnish your record, your reputation, and your future. Don't wait to get qualified defense.

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Within the ranks of Amin Law is a lead attorney with years of valuable experience as a= Deputy Public Defender. When you choose us to fight for you, you can be sure you will receive the highest quality of legal service and aggressive representation in the courtroom. To better serve clients accused of violent crimes in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Get zealous, capable defense now.

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