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If an officer suspects that you are operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, he or she will likely pull you over. When you are detained, you may be asked to undergo an alcohol screening test. In many cases, it is best to submit to the Breathalyzer as refusing to do so results in an immediate suspension of your license for a specific amount of time. As an experienced San Francisco DUI lawyer, we can help explain your rights after a DUI arrest.

While every case is different, consulting with our DUI defense attorney at AMIN LAW, P.C. can help give your case the edge it needs to help create the best possible defense.

Common Problems with Sobriety and BAC Tests

Sometimes a DUI defense can focus on the method in which a blood alcohol content (BAC) test was administered. Errors occasionally occur in a blood test, leading to a reading that may be inaccurate due to a variety of factors. Breathalyzer tests may be even more inaccurate and lead to errors more frequently. This can give you a reading that is higher than your actual level of intoxication.

A successful DUI defense attorney can discover any number of errors, including:

  • Equipment malfunctions with the Breathalyzer
  • Personal health conditions that lead to a higher BAC reading
  • Consumption of any other non-alcoholic item that leads to a higher reading on the Breathalyzer
  • Record keeping problems with the laboratory that tested your blood
  • Incorrectly administered Breathalyzer on the part of the arresting officer

All We Need Is a Shred of Doubt

Our defense focuses on weakening the assumption that you were in fact under the influence. We are often able to point to moments during your arrest that suggests, even if they do not prove, that a breath or blood test might have been compromised. Our skilled DUI defense attorney is passionate about protecting your rights throughout your case. If you have questions about your case or would like to speak with us, contact our firm today.

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