Frequently Asked DUI Questions


When you've been pulled over for a DUI, no matter if it is your first or a subsequent offense, you probably have a number of questions and concerns. What can happen to you or your license? Can you go to jail? How will this affect your future? While many questions require the help of a legal professional to understand your specific circumstances, the DUI attorney of AMIN LAW, P.C. have answered a few of our most frequently asked questions below.

This is my first DUI arrest. How can I protect myself?

It is highly recommended that you submit to any field sobriety or Breathalyzer testing, as refusing to do so can result in an immediate temporary suspension of your license. You may later be able to refute the results. Punishments can range from jail time to large fines, so it important that you take care to hire an attorney. Many issues can arise when an offender fails to hired skilled representation. Having a DUI lawyer on your side can make a huge different, as AMIN LAW, P.C. has access to professionals and records that you may not know how to reach.

How can I stop my license from getting suspended?

If you were pulled over or arrested for your first DUI offense, you may be able to stop your driving privileges from getting suspended. In the short term, California has a “10-Day Rule” which can help you build your case. With the help of a skilled San Francisco DUI attorney, you may then be able to build a defense based on a lack of probable cause or officer error.

I think that my Breathalyzer test was wrong. Is there anything I can do?

Yes! There are many reasons why DUI testing equipment may be inaccurate, including malfunctions, improperly administered testing, and problems at the laboratory where your results were tested. Even non-alcoholic medications that you are taking can lead to false results. When you retain the services of AMIN LAW, P.C., we do everything in our power to thoroughly investigate every aspect of your case to help ensure that you are not falsely accused.

What happens during DMV hearings?

DMV Administrative Per Se Hearings are different from court hearings. During a Per Se hearing, the DMV will review the results of your field, blood, urine, or breath test and review the circumstances of your arrest. You are not required to request a DMV hearing, but it may be in your best interest if you believe that you were unlawfully detained or your results are not valid.

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