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He even provided the mostly likely outcome and he was right all along.

“I'd like to start by saying that I don't typically write reviews, yet, I'd felt compelled to write one for this particular attorney, Sam Amin of Amin Law I've never been in trouble and have never needed a Criminal Defense Attorney, DUI Lawyer or any type of attorney for that matter until recently. I was introduced to Sam Amin by another attorney that I'd called as I was making my way down the Yelp search results for DUI Lawyers and Criminal Defense Attorneys. One of the attorneys I'd called did not have the experience to handle my case, so he gave me Sam's number. I spoke with Sam over the phone and within a few minutes into the conversation I'd felt comfortable with him. I didn't feel pressured into hiring him. He provided me with all the answers to my questions. After I'd explained my situation, he provided me with a complete list of options to my case. Sam provided the best case scenario and the worst case scenario. He even provided the mostly likely outcome and he was right all along. As the case progressed, Sam provided me with regular updates. He answered, returned my phone calls and replied to my email messages within minutes at times. Sam never made me feel rushed nor had I ever felt that I was “taking up too much of his time.” One of the top complaints that most lawyers are guilty of is not being available or hard to get a hold of after you hire them. Not Sam. I'd never felt like it was difficult to get a hold of him on the telephone to discuss my case. Sam is a rare breed who deeply cares about his clients. He knows our criminal justice system inside and out. He understands that there's no true justice within the “justice system.” Sam provides representation with compassion and integrity for his clients. He is intelligent and specifically highly knowledgeable in the areas of Criminal Law and DUI Law. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone looking for an attorney! He is hands down one of the best lawyers I have come across. He is very reasonable and informative. Sam would definitely be my go-to Criminal Defense and DUI Attorney should any of my friends or family members ever need to hire an attorney. Sam of Amin Law is an excellent and highly competent Criminal Defense and DUI Attorney!”

– Jessica


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