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Helping Your Family Move On

If you or your spouse has recently decided to file for divorce, you will likely be experiencing a great deal of stress or anxiety. These feelings are further heightened if you have children. Drafting a custody agreement that works for both you and your spouse can be exceedingly difficult and even more complex if you have multiple children of different ages. At Amin Law, our goal is to simplify this process for you.

When you are going through a divorce, it's essential to have an attorney who will listen to your point of view and help you carefully evaluate your options. We can provide a consultation to talk about where you want to go from here. Call us at 415-851-4300.

Our family law team understands the intricacies of divorce and has obtained favorable results for many clients experiencing the traumatic emotions involved in family law disputes.

While some firms focus on simply protecting their client's interests, we aim to find an amicable arrangement so that you and your family can progress to the next chapter of your life with no regrets or hard feelings.

Our firm provides legal representation in a variety of areas, such as:

  • Divorce
  • Paternity
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support

Divorce Doesn't Have to Be a Battle

California is a no-fault divorce state, which simply means that either party can initiate a divorce for any reason, such as irreconcilable differences.

Even if you or your spouse decides to file for a divorce, this does not mean that you need to be at odds or even go to court. In fact, we often recommend that you and your spouse consider an uncontested divorce.

In an uncontested divorce, both parties work toward making important decisions, such as property division, spousal support, and child support, outside of court. By doing this, your divorce will generally be processed quicker and will reduce your potential fees or court cost. To find out more about uncontested divorces or any of our legal services, contact our San Francisco Bay Area family law attorneys.

To learn more about your case, please contact our San Francisco family law attorney online or call us at 415-851-4300!


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