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Making the decision to get a divorce is never an easy step to take. No matter how far apart you've grown from your spouse or how contentious the marriage has become, splitting up is certain to cause stress for everyone involved. Not only is divorce a complicated and time-consuming process, but it is usually fraught with emotion, as well. It's no wonder that the dissolution of a marriage is considered one of the top three most stressful life events.

Naturally, some divorces are more complex than others, but it is rare for a couple to separate amicably, agree on the division of assets, and accept a straightforward custody arrangement if they have children. More often than not, there will be disagreements—and that's when the services of a qualified divorce attorney are invaluable.

The three main concerns that must be settled before a divorce can become final are the distribution of property, the payment of spousal support (aka alimony), and the issue of child custody and child support. All of these matters can contribute to acrimony, and as a result, delays in an already fairly lengthy (and often unpleasant) process can occur. Some no-fault, uncontested divorces can be conducted on a DIY basis. This means that the two parties will file the paperwork themselves or with minimal help from a mediator. However, legal counsel will be necessary if:

  • The couple has children, and both parents are seeking custody
  • The two parties cannot agree on the division of assets
  • There is disagreement regarding alimony or child support

If one of the divorcing parties secures the services of an attorney, it's almost always necessary for the other side to do so as well.

As your advocates—whether in the conference room or the courtroom—the attorneys at Amin Law will do whatever it takes to protect you and your assets. Their success in the legal arena of family law, especially divorce cases, stems from two sources. First is the empathy and caring they feel for clients whose emotions are in overdrive thanks to the end of their marriage. Then there's the aggressive approach they take when it comes time to fight for justice.

The path to divorce, even an amicable divorce, can present unforeseen pitfalls and hurdles. Embarking on that journey—and completing it successfully—requires the guidance of an experienced, knowledgeable divorce attorney. Dedicated to shepherding their clients through twists and turns, determined to advocate aggressively en route, the attorneys at Amin Law are on your side.

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